The school works from Monday till Friday :-

3-April-19 Wednesday Steamed Idli and Coconut Chutney
4-April-19 Thursday Makhni Dal and Steamed Rice
5-April-19 Friday Vegetable Porridge and Seasonal Fruit
8 -April-19 Monday Vegetable Pasta and Mango Tang
9-April-19 Tuesday Vegetable Cutlet, Tomato Ketchup and Cucumber Salad
10-April-19 Wednesday Cholay and Plain Rice
11-April-19 Thursday Vegetable Biryani and Boondi Raita
12-April-19 Friday Vegetable Vermicelli and Seasonal Fruit
15-April-19 Monday Besan Cheela, Tomato Ketchup and Tomato Salad
16-April-19 Tuesday Vegetable Noodles and Fruit
15-Feb-2019 Friday Palak Parantha with Dal
17-April-19 Wednesday Vegetable Uttapam, Sauce and fruit
18-April-19 Thursday Butter Cheese, Cucumber Sandwich and Cream Biscuit
19-April-19 Friday Mixed Khichdi and Curd
22-April-19 Monday Laccha Parantha and Seasonal sabzi
23-April-19 Tuesday Black Chana and Rice
24-April-19 Wednesday Mixed Vegetable Pakora, Ketchup and Fruit
25-April-19 Thursday Chana Dal Khichdi and Apple Slices
26-April-19 Friday Ajwain Parantha and Bhindi Sabzi
29-April-19 Monday Vegetable Macaroni and Lime Juice
30-April-19 Tuesday Fruit Jam Sandwich and Cream Biscuit

Class Sessions

Sat - Fri (8 am – 2 pm)

Sun - Mon (8 am – 11 am)

IRA Pre School Address

SS - 1. Sector 122, Noida, U.P

Office Hours

Monday – Friday

8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Phone & E-mail

+ 91-8588 9444 68