In initial Pre-School days the child joins in with his own fears, anxieties and emotional insecurities. However, time spent in the Pre-School while participating in different activities, interacting with teachers and their own peer group brings in a gradual and positive change in making the child confident, independent and emotionally stable.

IRA Toddlers (Age : 1.5 years)

This tender age brings with it the excitement of exploring, expressing and gaining a voice and vision of their own. Toddlers will be allowed to make individual choices and assert independence.

We respect child’s individual abilities, preferences and differences and encourage creativity by emphasizing the process rather than the finished product.

We provide guidance and regular workshops for social or personal problems related to child’s behaviour. We have regular interaction with parents to monitor the child’s progress.

IRA Scholars (Age : 2.5 years)

These are the most formative years of a child. Our focus remains on nurturing the child in a natural environment with a lot of emphasis on interaction of the child with Nature itself. Psychologists have stressed that the IQ of a child tends to increase proportionately with the variety of sensory experiences the child has. With this view our curriculum includes the widest possible range of activities children can indulge in.

Emphasis with utmost sensitivity will be given to each child’s aptitude and their own particular bent or preference. There will be specific attention given to age appropriate activities and group interactions. It’s time for learning, sharing, imagination building, instilling discipline, character building through fun filled hours.

As a parent your participation, encouragement and positive attitude is imperative for your child to get the most out of these early formative Pre-school year.

We welcome you to Raghav Global School, to a world of gaining knowledge in gratifying ways, to a domain where every child is challenged to grow to his or her potential.
We believe in – ‘Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.’ – Aristotle

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